Compression & Natural Gas Gathering

Elkhorn engineering and operations staff is skilled and experienced in the design, operation and permitting of midstream compression and gathering infrastructure. We can consult on your acquisition prospect or staff an operation which supports your growing production activities.

Gas Processing & Treating

Elkhorn has design and operational experience with a wide array of processing-treating technologies and complexities. Our staff is capable of delivering and supporting all engineering, business and regulatory functions related to the successful operation of gas and liquids processing.

Liquids Fractionation

Elkhorn provides fee based fractionation or the outright purchase of all grades of unrefined and offspec hydrocarbons: Condensates, Drip, Y-Grade and Transmix products. Multiple fractionators and extensive access to liquids markets is an ideal solution for producer liquids in the Appalachian Basin.

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Contract Operations

Elkhorn provides a full suite of services for the contact operation of any scale midstream asset. We can staff the most remote locations and provide the expertise to safely and reliably operate producer midstream infrastructure at a reasonable price.