Contract Operations

Elkhorn Gas Processing has operated plants and facilities for others since 1989. From 1989 thru January 2007 the company was known as Elkhorn Field Services prior to being sold to its current ownership group and changing the name to Elkhorn Gas Processing, LLC. EGP currently operates outside facilities for Conoco, Phillips, Oneok and Noble Energy. A description of that facility is as follows:


  • ENCANNA Iron Horse Gas Plant

    Facility consists of a 150 gpm DEA Treater conditioning raw gas product from on-site field compression station. 4-3516 Cat-Ariel Units maintain field pressure on the Iron Horse System and provide discharge conditions to sweetening and sales to interstate transmission, as well as lift-gas operations.

Other facilities that we have operated in the past are as follows:

  • Lost Creek Plant and Gathering System

    A275 MMCFD Propane Refrigeration Plant with 3-phase separator, product stabilizer and vapor recovery system ethylene glycol dehydration unit. 1 – 5,000 HP electrically Ariel compressor, 1- 1,100 HP electrically driven Ariel compressor. 3 – 500 BBL product storage. The gathering system: 120 miles 24” + 32 m lateral 12”.

  • Aneth Plant and Gathering System –

    A 12 MMCFD refrigerated JT plant with 160 miles of low pressure gathering lines. Texaco is the operator-of-record for a group of nine (7) owners who include ExxonMobil and Chieftain (Hunt). This facility is located in the southeast corner of Utah on the Navajo reservation. Elkhorn performs the revenue distribution and all of the accounting functions for this facility. Elkhorn has operated this facility since March 1989. When Elkhorn assumed control of the operations, the gas was processed in a 100 MMCFD ambient temperature oil absorption plant. Elkhorn obtained bids and managed the construction of the existing processing plant, which was placed in operation in May of 1991.

  • Diamond M Plant –

    This is currently a paper plant for which Elkhorn is doing the accounting. This consists of allocating liquid and gas sales and making payments to fifty-four (54) producers on behalf of the plant owners. Exxon is operator-of-record for a group of 35 owners. Elkhorn operated the 20 MMCFD refrigerated JT plant, inlet compression, treating and low pressure gathering system from August 1993 until December 1993 when the plant was shut down and the gas delivered to the Snyder plant. Elkhorn kept a supervisor at the site until salvage operations were completed in June 1994.

  • Empire ABO Plant -

    45 MMCFD facility which includes 29 miles of low pressure gathering lines, inlet compression, amine treating, sulfur recovery, cryogenic processing, fractionation and 24 hour truck loading facilities. ARCO Permian is the owner of this facility, which is located 9 miles east of Artesia, NM. Elkhorn has operated this facility since September 1996.

  • McLean Plant –

    A 26 MMCFD cryogenic plant located in Gray County, Texas. Carrera Gas Company owns the plant and Elkhorn has been the operator since 1995.

  • Aledo Treating Plant -

    A 10 MMCFD facility with inlet compression, amine treating and glycol dehydration. OXY USA Inc. is the owner. The plant is located in Dewey County Oklahoma. This facility compresses the produced gas to pipeline pressure and reduces the H2S, CO2 and water content to pipeline specifications. Elkhorn assisted with the startup of this unit in February of 1992 and operated it through April of 1993.

  • Fields Field –

    A 10 well unit located in Beauregard Parish, Louisiana. It is a gas lift operation with gathering, compression and dehydration. Elkhorn has operated this facility since March 1989. A 15 MMCFD expander plant was shut down and relocated in 1990 when low gas volumes made continued operation uneconomical. Mr. Fred Hill of Regina, Saskatchewan, owns this operation.

  • Grand Chenier Plant –

    A 750 MMCFD facility, which includes a 500 MMCFD refrigerated lean oil plant and a 250 MMCFD cryogenic plant. The cryo plant is currently not in operation. The Plant is located approximately 50 miles southeast of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Vastar Resources is the owner of this facility. In addition to the actual operations, Elkhorn performs various accounting functions including compiling production data and generating monthly residue and liquid allocation statements, paying operating expenses and issuing a joint interest billing. Elkhorn has operated this facility since June 1995.

  • Grand Chenier Separation Facility –

    This facility is capable of separating condensate and water from up to 1 BCf of gas. The gas is delivered to the Grand Chenier plant, the condensate is pumped through a 6” pipeline to a barge loading facility on the Mermentau River and the water is pumped into disposal wells. Vastar Resources is the operator of record for the 36 owners. In addition to operations, Elkhorn performs various accounting functions including compiling producer data and generating a monthly condensate allocation statement, allocating and distributing flash gas revenue, paying operating expenses and issuing joint interest billings. Elkhorn has operated this facility since August 1996.

  • Lake Erling Plant –

    A 6 MMCFD straight refrigeration plant, which processes gas from a two well unit with the residue gas reinjected. Elkhorn operates the plant and compression, receives product revenues, pays operating expenses and distributes earnings to the 51 owners. Cobra Oil and Gas is the unit operator. The plant is located in Lafayette County, Arkansas and was placed in operation in August 1993.

  • Minneola Plant –

    A 25 MMCFD refrigerated oil absorption plant. Texaco was the owner of this facility that is located twelve (12) miles south of Dodge City, Kansas. Elkhorn operated this facility from October 1992 to May 1995, when Astra acquired the plant and assumed direct control of the operations.

  • Seiling Plant –

    A 75 MMCFD refrigerated lean oil plant, which produces specification propane and a butane and heavier mix. Centana Energy is the owner. The plant is located in Dewey County, Oklahoma. Elkhorn became operator of this plant when Centana acquired it in April of 1991. Restructuring led to Centana’s decision to handle the operations themselves in September of 1994.