Elkhorn gas processing

Elkhorn Gas Processing (EGP) is a full service operating company for gas processing facilities and related facilities. EGP operates its related company’s plants as well as operate facilities for others. EGP currently operates six (6) refrigerated gas processing plants and related fractionation facilities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wyoming. EGP has operated facilities in the past for Texaco in Utah, Kansas & Oklahoma, ARCO in New Mexico, Vastar and British Petroleum in Louisiana, Cobra Oil & Gas in Arkansas and Carrera Oil and Gas in Texas. As almost all plant operations are different in scope, EGP can provide whatever operations your location would require. Should you require gas processing or related facilities operations please feel free to give Sean Jacoway a call at 918-392-5209. He would be happy to discuss your needs with you and see how Elkhorn Gas Processing can help you with your gas processing requirements.