Elkhorn History

Evergreen Energy Company was created in 1980 by Mr. Tom Rinehart and a partner to build, install and operate skid mounted gas processing plants. By 1988, Evergreen had grown large enough with plants in Louisiana, Mississippi and Pennsylvania that the partners split the assets and two new companies were formed. Five Oaks, Inc and Elkhorn Operating Company were created and owned solely by Tom Rinehart. Elkhorn Propane Company was formed in 1989 as a retail propane distribution company was formed. In 1990, Elkhorn Field Services Company was created to be the operating company and Elkhorn Operating Company became the entity that employed the employees.

Elkhorn Field Services Company operated the plants that Five Oaks, Inc had an interest in and also operated facilities that were non-owned on a contract basis. Elkhorn has operated facilities in Utah, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Elkhorn has operated gas gathering systems, gas processing plants and gas treating facilities. We have operated small facilities with several thousand MCF per day to large facilities with hundreds of thousand MCF per day. No project is too large or too small.

In January 2007, Elkhorn Energy, LLC was formed by Mr. Rinehart. Elkhorn Investments LLC was formed along with Elkhorn Energy, LLC to replace the previous Elkhorn entities. With the existing staff in place, the new Elkhorn entities continue to seek out new opportunities for gas processing projects. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.